Les Clos: Saison’s Sensational Sibling

It’s not just a wine bar, it’s a place to live

The poulet Basquaise served with cous cous at Les Clos.

Yes, a French bistro — didn’t San Francisco need something like this? Bring your laptop, have your morning cup of coffee and a canelé de Bordeaux, and wait for lunchtime. Brunch dishes here are not to be missed, such as oeuf en meurette (poached eggs cooked in a red wine sauce). Oysters, of course, and a Chablis are highly recommended. For dinner, make sure you try the poulet Basquaise served with cous cous. You’ll fall in love with the chicken’s crispy skin, paired with a perfect glass of Burgundy.

Les Clos, the new hotspot in SoMA, is open from 8 a.m. during the week — and 10 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday — until midnight. Here, the food isn’t the only star. This little gem, owned by Mark Bright (also wine director at three Michelin-starred Saison), is the place where you can be guided to a perfect pairing (you can choose among 40 different labels by the glass, and a blind tasting flight is $20 for a selection of six wines). It’s not just a wine bar, it’s a place to live. Cara Patricia, sommelier and partner, and chef Shawn Gawle, together with their crew, take care of every detail.

They opened last month, and a lot is yet to come; an intensive wine program is in the works, which will include classes and tastings with international winemakers.