This $200 Kroger Black Friday Coupon Is A Scam

Some things are just too good to be true, and that is the case with this Kroger coupon that is still tricking the internet. The scam began on Facebook — where tons of internet scams begin — on a Facebook page called "Kroger Club."

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Facebook users were told that if they liked, shared, and commented on the page's post about a Kroger $200 Black Friday coupon, they would receive coupons in their Facebook inboxes right away. That didn't happen. What did happen was that the Kroger Club page was deactivated and Kroger put out a statement on its official Facebook page warning Facebook users and Kroger customers of the scam.

According to Today, the original post on the now-defunct Kroger Club page read "Kroger is Providing each family with $200 OFF Coupon to celebrate Black Friday! Simple Like & Share This Post!! And Comment Done! We Will Inbox Your Coupon Right Away!! We Will Inbox Your Coupon Right Away." The fake offer also included a promo code and an expiration date of November 30.

Kroger put out a fake coupon alert on their Facebook. "Fake coupon alert!" their Facebook page reads. "There's currently an unauthorized '$200 Black Friday Coupon' offer floating around. It's not real! We do not recommend engaging with the site(s) or page(s) that are sharing the coupon or providing them with any personal information. Our team is actively working with Facebook to address the concern."

Customers who reported being scammed now claim to be receiving spam calls after sharing personal information with the Kroger Club account. "I was scammed," wrote a Facebook user on the post. "Answered questions now getting more spam calls. I'm a loyal Kroger customer and fell for it."

"Friends please if not sure don't share if stuff pops up on my cell I not sure of I delete it too many virus going around. They put this fake stuff out there to get people to share," advised another commenter.

The Daily Meal has reached out to Kroger to inquire about the fake coupon and to see if they plan on running any real Black Friday sales. It's a small comfort to know that Kroger would alert its customers as soon as possible to a coupon scam like that. No wonder they've been rated one of America's best supermarkets for 2018.