Katie Rosenhouse's Doughnuttery in Chelsea Market Slideshow

Katie Rosenhouse in Doughnuttery

Katie Rosenhouse’s newest venture with Evan Feldman — Doughnuttery at Chelsea Market. 

Katie Rosenhouse and her Mini Donuts

"Doughnuts are the new cupcakes," says Katie Rosenhouse, co-founder of Doughnuttery. Someday, she hopes gourmet donuts will be served at weddings — their ring-like shape fits the theme perfectly. 

iPad Register and Classics Sugaring Station

An iPad cash register sits next to the sugaring station for the three classic flavors — cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, and old-fashioned glazed. 

Hot Apple Cider

Customers can also order piping hot cider along with their donuts. 

Katie Rosenhouse Making Mini Donuts to Order

Doughnuttery’s donuts are rolled out slowly in many small batches throughout the day, in order to ensure each order is freshly fried to provide the best experience possible. 

Ready to be Sugared

Freshly made plain donuts, waiting to be bagged and sugared upon the next customer’s order. 

Specialty Infused Sugars

Doughnuttery also offers 12 specialty sugar flavors, including stars like Cacaoboy (cocoa nibs, mesquite, and black sugar), Urban Monkey (green coffee, banana, and coconut), and Mistletoe (gingerbread, cranberry, and sage). 


A trio of DoughDips — donut dipping sauces in flavors like raspberry balsamic, pumpkin beer caramel, and toffee sauce. 

Mini Donuts from Doughnuttery

Freshly made cinnamon sugar and powdered donuts, presented in a rustic brown paper bag with Doughnuttery’s logo.