Japanese Restaurant to Open in NYC With $180 Wagyu Beef Sandwich on Menu

The sandwich is made with prime cuts of Japanese beef

Tokyo-based restaurant Wagyumafia has decided that it will be opening the doors to its first U.S. location at some point in the near future in Manhattan instead of San Francisco — and that they will be bringing their $180 wagyu beef sandwich called “the Cutlet” with them.

Although the popular upscale Japanese restaurant originally planned to open in San Francisco’s Design District, the intended future eatery and butcher shop has swapped coasts and now plans to open in New York City (location to be determined).

Wagyumafia’s main attraction is their whopping $180 sandwich called “The Cutlet,” made with breaded and fried Japanese beef served on toasted white bread with soy and vinegar sauce. The costly sandwich is a cult favorite on Instagram with diners visiting from all over the world to try it.

Don’t want to shell out $180 for some prime Japanese beef? Wagyumafia also serves a $45 sandwich made with a lesser cut that we bet is still pretty tasty. Looking for even more expensive meat? Check out America’s most expensive burgers.