It Doesn’t Matter How You Feel About KFC’s Colonel Sanders Because a New One Is on the Way

As of Super Bowl Sunday, Norm MacDonald will be replaced by an all-new Colonel Sanders

In his last commercial as the Colonel, Norm MacDonald bids ‘So Long, Farewell.’

An estimated 20 percent of customers actively dislike the current Colonel Sanders, but like him or not, a new KFC spokesman is coming off the assembly line.

The current Colonel, played by Saturday Night Live alum Norm MacDonald will be replaced on Super Bowl Sunday by an as-of-yet unidentified actor.

The upcoming impersonator will be the third iteration of KFC’s founder-based mascot since the chain resurrected its Colonel Sanders campaign last May, with a specific focus on creating a rotating cast of Colonels. The first actor to play Sanders last spring was another SNL cast member, Darrell Hammond.

“Our sole aim with the whole rebrand — which is a three-year mission that only just began — was to bring the colonel back to the forefront, and bring his values to life that helped propel Kentucky Fried Chicken into greatness,” a KFC spokesperson told The Daily Meal, “and in doing so be sure that everyone, especially our millennial audience, knew Colonel Sanders was a real man.

“This tactic helps us do that. It keeps people talking about the colonel. Not just one and done. We get to leverage a suite of actors with their own take on it to bring to life the many dimensions of Colonel Sanders. We want our commercials — and all of our surround-sound marketing efforts — to surprise and delight, and have consumers enjoy the current ‘colonel’ but also wonder who might portray him next.”

Below, watch a final farewell from Norm MacDonald as the Colonel: