Intoxicated FBI Agent Arrested for Pointing Gun at Woman’s Head Inside Boston Restaurant

James Doyle, a member of the FBI in Boston, was arrested for pointing his handgun at a woman during an argument
Intoxicated FBI Agent Arrested for Pointing Gun at Woman’s Head Inside Boston Restaurant


A bartender for the restaurant told a local news station that he had only served Doyle one drink.  

James Doyle, a 55-year-old FBI agent in Boston, was arrested Tuesday, March 22, after pointing his gun at a woman’s head during an argument inside a local restaurant.

Doyle, who reportedly identified himself to police as FBI supervisor “Mike Doyle,” got involved in an argument with another patron at Gourmet Garden Restaurant in Hingham, Massachusetts.

A bartender for the restaurant told FOX Boston that he had personally only served Doyle a single drink, “and he didn’t even take a sip of it.”

Police who arrived at the restaurant following a 911 call said that Doyle, who knew his victim, showed “several signs of being under the influence of alcohol.” The agent eventually admitted to police that he pointed his handgun at the woman after having several drinks.

Doyle was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, carrying a firearm while intoxicated, and disorderly conduct.

In a brief statement, the Boston FBI office confirmed the agency had initiated an investigation.

“The FBI takes allegations of misconduct very seriously,” Special Agent Harold Shaw said. “We are aware of the matter involving the recent arrest of an FBI employee and are fully cooperating with the Hingham, Massachusetts Police Department and the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office. This matter has been referred to the FBI’s Internal Investigations Section in Washington, DC, as well as the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General. Because this is an ongoing personnel matter, we will not comment further.”

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