15 International Potato Chip Flavors We Long to Try

Caviar! Ox! Chili cream cheese!
international potato chips
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You won't see these flavors in the states.

You say “po-tay-to,” I say “poh-tah-to.” Or maybe: We Americans say “potato chips,” and those across the pond say “crisps.” On a recent trip abroad, I found myself just as fascinated with the snack aisles in convenience and grocery stores as I was with the artwork in some museums.

15 International Potato Chip Flavors We Long to Try Gallery

And why not? The snack flavors with which countries such as England, France, Iceland and Wales stock their shelves are crazily creative. I regret now that I can’t offer up taste reviews, but I guess I was too busy photographing all the tastes to actually munch on most of them.

It wasn't just plain old potato chips/crisps, either. I spotted flavors of Cheetos that I don't think we have here at home. (Paprika! Pizza!) Same for Pringles. (Emmental cheese!) There’s a baked corn snack called Monster Munch with a Muppet-like character on the bag.

Sure, they’re all junk food, but it’s entertaining to learn about a culture through its snacks, whether packaged crunchables, beverages or something else. My purely unscientific research indicates that Canadians love ketchup-flavored chips, the Brits have the most marshmallow candy, and the French love mojito-flavored beverages.


After a while, our American standards, such as sour cream and onion and barbecue, started to look just plain ordinary. But maybe our tastes seem super-exotic to, say, the Welsh, who might find roast ox-flavored crisps a bit mundane. And yes, that’s a real flavor I saw in Cardiff. Take a tasty trip around the world with us and ogle at these 15 international potato chip flavors we long to try.