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Innovative Ice Cream Shop, Creamistry is Now Open in Houston Galleria

Scientifically sweet treats are created with liquid nitrogen and feature over 70 flavors and toppings

Houston now has another one of the hottest, or should I say coolest, ice-cream trends… liquid nitrogen ice-cream. Creamistry, which specializes in made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice-cream, opened July 14 in the Post Oak Center in the heart of the Galleria.

You can thank science for this cool new treat! Creamistry uses liquid Nitrogen at -321 degrees Fahrenheit combined with your selected ingredients to concoct your specialized scoop. The rapid freezing of the mixture in the bowl is the key to the creamy-ness of the ice-cream. The dry ice smoke is exciting and the kids will love to see their ice-cream freezing before their own eyes!

Ordering is an easy four step process. First, choose your size. Second, choose your base. In this second step, you can choose from signature, organic, sorbet, and coconut bases. Third, choose one of 31 flavors. Make sure to ask the person at the counter if your base mixes well with the flavor of your choice. Fourth, choose your toppings. Lastly, watch as the ingredients freeze together.

In addition to ice-cream, Creamistry offers various specialties and extras such as Quantum Coffee, Elemint, and Chocolate Combustion. These extras are layers of ice-cream and toppings and are served in a large cup.

This shop is a must-go on a hot Houston day. Great customer service, interesting science, and great tasting ice-cream makes for the perfect family outing or spot to snag a scientifically sweet treat.

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