If You Do These Things on a Dinner Date, You Probably Won't Get Asked Out Again

Going on a date? Avoid these serious turn-offs
Bad Date


A bad date can go downhill, fast.

Going out on a first date is like navigating a minefield. Even if you’ve chosen the perfect restaurant, ordered just the right bottle of wine, ordered a pricey steak, and seem to have perfect chemistry, one wrong move can flick the “off” switch, and before you know it the night is over and you never hear from your dining companion ever again. In order to help you avoid these pitfalls, we’ve rounded up 10 things you should never do on a first dinner date.

Talk About Exes
Nobody wants to hear about his or her date’s former partners.

Get Too Drunk
If you both want to drink a bottle of wine each, go for it. But otherwise, make sure you don’t drink more than your dining companion does.

Pick Your Teeth
Sticking your fingers into your mouth isn’t just rude, it’s gross. Even using a toothpick is unpleasant for someone to see.

Spend Time on Your Phone
Texting and reading Buzzfeed articles throughout a date makes it pretty clear that you’re not interested at all in the other person.

Constantly Blow Your Nose
Blowing your nose at a dinner table is considered poor etiquette by some; spending a date sitting across from someone who won’t stop clearing their sinuses is a quick turn-off.

Show Up Late
Leaving your date waiting for you is definitely not a good way to make a first impression.

Watch TV
If there’s a TV at the restaurant, don’t spend the entire meal watching it.

In a normal conversation, one person speaks and then the other person speaks. If you’re constantly being interrupted and not able to get a word in edgewise, it’s clear that any actual relationship would go nowhere fast.

Rant About Politics or Religion
Politics and religion should probably be exiled from any conversation until at least the third or fourth date. And if it does come up and your date goes on a rant about it of your values aren’t shared, that’s a deal-breaker.


Forget Your Wallet
There are few things more awkward than reaching for your wallet at the end of a date and realizing that you’ve left it at home. The guy usually pays (or it’s split), so if the girl doesn’t have money it can be forgiven, but a guy forcing a girl to pay on a first date because he left his wallet at home? Inexcusable.