What Your Order Says About You on a Date

Are you playing it safe and ordering chicken or testing your date by splitting a pizza?

Dinner dates offer plenty of chances for close inspection. Is the restaurant appropriate for the occasion? Is the reservation time fashionable? What about the price ceiling? Is your date being too flashy or stingy?

What you order can say a lot about you, too. Something is wrong if you’re 32, working for a big law firm, and but still opting for the spaghetti with marinara, just like mom used to make when you were a child. So too goes for the sparkling, rather than tap, water — hello there, Ms. High Maintenance! And guys, stay away from the pink cocktails. For one TDM editor, the date is instantly over if you order one. 

You might know not to order the most expensive thing on the menu when on a date, but that doesn’t mean you should order like a rabbit just because it’s inexpensive —  especially if your date is getting the lamb. Consider the ubiquitous grilled boneless, skinless chicken breast. Are you playing it safe or just plain old boring? If you don’t order organic are you a coldhearted industrialist who abhors fair trade? If you order a locally sourced dish do you also belong to a CSA, favor plaid, and dabble in apiary? If you order the Black Label Burger — well, how did you score a seat at Minetta Tavern? You must know someone. Just don't order it well-done — with meat that good, just don't.

To help you navigate the menu the next time you're dining á deux, we’ve selected 10 dishes, slapped them with a stereotype that you are sure to disagree with vehemently, and then went about making generalizations. Or did we? You be the judge. 

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