The Most Iconic Football Stadium Foods Across America

Share a bite while watching America's game

School has started, there’s a chill in the air, and we’ve said sayonara to summer. For many, autumn means one thing: football. A major part of going to the game, whether you’re a die-hard fan or not, is the food (and the beer, because, well, beer). Most stadiums offer the classics (nachos, fries, burgers), in varying forms of success (hey, plastic-y cheese nachos are still nachos!), but some stadiums really stand out when it comes to concessions. Recently, many stadiums have been raising their culinary game, trying to grab fans with some truly outlandish items: We’re talking 7-pound burgers and burritos fit to feed 10 people.

The Most Iconic Football Stadium Foods Across America Gallery

In our search for the most iconic football stadium foods, we didn’t want to find just the craziest snacks hitting NFL concession stands. We wanted to identify those eats that give a nod to the fans as well as the culture of the cities in which the stadium resides.

In our research, we found that football fans really like their hot chicken and waffles (nearly every stadium had some sort of iteration). We also found that most stadiums are catching on to the growing trend of showcasing the local culinary scene.


Just like food, football can bring people together. Some of the 15 foods on this list are straightforward classics, and some are dreamt up by culinary concession wizards. But all are worthy of sharing a bite while watching America’s game.