Move Over, Unicorns: Glitter Is Trending Everywhere Now, Including Chewing Gum

‘My shiny teeth that twinkle, just like the stars in space’ — Chip Skylark, but also us

Ice Breakers are releasing a glittery gum that is right on trend with the new glitter trend that has taken over the unicorn trend.

Finally! A new trend may be overthrowing the rainbow atrocity that is all things unicorn! Recently, we’ve noticed a spike in all things glitter. It’s pretty hard not to take notice of things that sparkle and shine, especially when it’s in your mouth. Ice Breakers has released a “Glitter Gum,” and we literally never want to chew any other kind of gum again. Why would we when it won’t give us shiny teeth!!

The limited-edition shimmering gum comes in a cheery snow cone flavor, and is dusted with an edible glitter coating. How pretty! “Consumers are looking for extra sparkle in everyday items — whether it’s what they’re eating, drinking or wearing,” said Nathan Johnson, brand manager for Ice Breakers, in a press release. “Ice Breakers Glitter Gum gives consumers the added glittery flair to push their swagger over-the-top.”

Ice Breakers brand spankin’ new Glitter Gum will be available nationwide April 15 through this summer, and speaking of over-the-top glitter swagger, a U.K. company is hopping on the #unicorntrendisdeadparty and fully taking advantage of #Glitter2k18 by coating bottles of booze in glitter. Bottle Bling will customize your boring bottles of Dom Perignon and Jack Daniel’s with a stunning glitter coating in a myriad of colors.

Still not glittery enough for you? Glitter sunscreen is now also a thing that exists. Protect yourself from the sun’s rays but let its light reflect off your glitter-streaked body as you shimmer and shine at the beach and the pool!

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