Hungry Little Bear Breaks Into House to Enjoy Some Cat Food

The cats were unharmed

After leaving their sliding glass door open to allow their pet cats in and out, one California family found that a group of bears had broken into their home. One brave bear cub even ventured far enough into the home as to enjoy a light snack of cat food. The homeowner was able to get part of the fiasco on tape.

The male homeowner was able to film the small bear munching on some cat food. “You’ve got to get out — hey!” he called, knocking on another glass door to startle the bear. The presumably hungry bear was unphased and more focused on knocking what was left of the cat food onto the floor so he could better access it with his little bear snout. His bear compatriots watched indifferently from the doorway.

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The man finally convinced the bear to leave by entering the room. The pesky houseguests scattered to the backyard, where they could then be seen taking a drink from the swimming pool. Obviously the best way to wash down popular snack foods such as Meow Mix is with a few sips of refreshing chlorinated water.