Fried Cheese Curds


Hooked on Cheese: Hangover Comfort Cheeses

Nothing helps a hangover quite like some gooey melted cheese
Fried Cheese Curds


Deep-fried cheese curds tossed with hot sauce make for a great hangover cure, and a perfect gameday snack. 

We’re smack-dab in the middle of holiday party season and odds are there may be some over-imbibing in your near future – that is, if there hasn’t been already. Going overboard during the winter months happens to the best of us, myself included. Though I’d never claim to be able to cure a hangover, I do have a few old-school cheesy tricks up my sleeve that have always helped me ease that day-after queasy stomach.

No matter what my yogi friends say, for me, fried food will always be comforting after a night of too many barley pops. One of my go-to favorites is Buffalo-style fried cheese curds. Tempura batter some good curds, fry them quickly until crispy, and toss them in your favorite hot sauce (I prefer Cholula). Add some customary celery sticks with mild blue cheese dip, kick back and watch a game. The fried cheese is tasty and filling, while the crisp celery is a great refresher. Plus, this recipe doubles as the ideal game-day snack.

Another satisfying choice when your stomach is gyrating in a sea of bourbon: mild nachos. I keep it simple by finely shredding cheddar (or pepper jack, if the late-night drinking damage isn’t too severe) over festive red, blue and yellow corn chips. Add some comforting sour cream and fresh guacamole, then pair with a Mexican glass-bottle Coke, if you can find one. This combo always makes me feel like a kid and provides the perfect pick-me-up to keep my head from spinning so much.

When I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a fancy multi-course and multi-wine meal the evening before – one in which I’ve consumed Champagne, light-bodied whites, medium-to-monster reds, and fortified wines – I fall back on my classic grilled cheese the morning after. Generously butter two slices of multi-grain bread, griddle until crusty and dark, and watch that Swiss cheese ooze out the sides; it’ll help you shake the shakes anytime. I usually add a bag of basic potato chips and an ice-cold Dr. Pepper. It’s a magical synthesis of salt and sugar, crisp and chewy, sweet and savory.

So this winter, go ahead and enjoy yourself as much as is dictated by the festivities at hand. At least now you’ve got a plan to ease your impending pain with your old friend cheese.


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