High School Senior Distributes ‘Breastfeeding Welcome’ Signs, Sparks Controversy

Georgia student is posting the signs for her senior project

Though public breastfeeding is legal in Georgia, in practice many mothers face backlash from establishments.

“Breastfeeding Welcome Here” signs are popping up all over Decatur, Georgia, thanks to high school senior Sophie Mumper.

Mumper’s senior project is aimed at destigmatizing public breastfeeding, reports Fox News. To help accomplish this, she has approached dozens of restaurants and distributed “Breastfeeding Welcome Here” signs from the Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition. “There's no need to feel shame,” Mumper says.

Though Georgia law allows women to breastfeed anywhere in public, the reality is that many mothers face backlash from establishments, and there are no legal repercussions for these matters, according to the Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition.

Maria Moore Riggs, owner of Revolution Donuts, agreed to post a sign outside of her bakery. She said, “Unfortunately women do have to second guess whether it’s safe to feed their baby.”

Online, many have rallied in support of Mumper. One wrote, “I'm sorry but I breastfeed any and everywhere! I don't need a sign to tell me too. But kudos to this restaurant!!”

Despite the support, not everyone is on the same page on this issue. One woman says, “That's private- you and your baby,” and a restaurant worker says public breastfeeding makes other patrons uncomfortable.


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