Have You Stopped Eating Chipotle Since the Foodborne Illness Outbreak? Take Our Survey!

The outbreak may be officially over, but will you go back?

Photo Modified: Flickr / Mike Mozart / CC BY 4.0

Is it a new day for Chipotle?

You’ve probably noticed that Chipotle Mexican Grill has been having a very bad couple of months. Two separate foodborne illness outbreaks resulted in more than 500 sick customers and 60 temporary restaurant closures. Co-CEO and founder Steve Ells was forced to issue a public mea culpa via television appearances and full-page newspaper ads to let frightened consumers know that Chipotle “need[s] to do better, much better.”

While it’s still unclear how the outbreak started, The CDC has completed their investigation and declared that the outbreak is officially over. Chipotle has implemented some new safety procedures including high-tech food tracking, boiling onions, and cutting and washing tomatoes at central commissaries, and all employees are being re-trained in food safety.

But all of this begs one question: Will it improve Chipotle’s bruised and battered reputation? We put together a survey to see if you’ll be dining there again any time soon. Take it below and let us know!