CDC Declares End to Chipotle Outbreak After Investigation Turns Up Zero Answers

The CDC has declared the Chipotle outbreak over after nearly six weeks of investigating and failing to uncover the root cause

Chipotle is no closer to discovering the root cause of hundreds of sick customers than it was when the investigation began.

The CDC has given the “all-clear” and has declared Chipotle’s massive foodborne illness outbreak officially over. In late December, the CDC announced it was launching an investigation into Chipotle’s health and safety practices to find the root of the E. coli bacteria that caused hundreds of customers to fall ill in late 2015. But after nearly six weeks of inspecting, the CDC has not uncovered any new answers to lingering questions, according to the Wall Street Journal. At this time, Chipotle and federal food safety officials are unaware as to what ingredient caused the massive outbreak.

Chipotle has not yet issued a statement after the CDC’s announcement this morning, but the chain has moved fast after hundreds of customers fell ill and dozens of stores were closed last fall. Chipotle has implemented entirely new safety procedures and will be closing all locations on February 8 to give managers time to transition. It has also announced plans to become a leader in food safety in the coming years.


The multiple sincere apologies and promises of improvement from Chipotle’s executives may be working: Chipotle’s stock has seen an upward trend over the past five days and is up 22 percent this morning.