This Guy Tried The $2,000 Pizza Covered With Edible Gold

CNBC'S wealth reporter Robert Frank sampled a $2,000 pizza covered with edible gold. The creation by New York City chef Braulio Bunay and his restaurant, Industry Kitchen, includes truffles, foie gras, caviar, and gold flown in from Germany. The pizza's decadence is inspired by the restaurant's nearness to Wall Street.

Frank did the math, and a single slice of the 12-inch pizza checked out at $250. A single bite was about $50. But after swallowing the large price tag and taking a bite, the reporter deemed the pizza — crusted with squid ink dough and topped with Stilton cheese, French foie gras, black truffle, ossetra caviar, German gold strips, and rose petals — delicious.

"Two slices and $500 later, I could no longer deny it. The $2,000 pizza is damn good," He wrote of his experience. "The tangy brine from the cheese and ocean-freshness of the caviar perfectly balanced the heaviness of the foie gras and crust. It was comforting and decadent and earthy and blingy all at the same time. It wasn't the best pizza I've ever had, because it wasn't a pizza at all. But it was one of the best bites of anything I've ever tasted."

The gold laden pie will be featured on CNBC's Secret Lives of the Super Rich. Those interested in shelling out two grand for a pie need to know that the pizza must be ordered two days in advance.

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