Gordon Ramsay Tries Vegan Pizza, Twitter Panics

Erstwhile vegan-shamer Gordon Ramsay sent shockwaves through the Twittersphere by posting a photo of a plant-based pizza captioned "Going to give this #vegan thing a try... Yes guys you heard that right. Gx." The cheese-less pie appeared to be covered in pine nuts, pesto, tomato sauce, and eggplant — which matches one of the menu items at Street Pizza, his new restaurant in London.

Ramsay is on the record as despising chocolate and bacon pizza, and he's only willing to eat pineapple pizza for charity — but he seems to be fine with this plant-based pie. We're not sure if the Hell's Kitchen chef is headed down a meatless path or if he's simply advertising for his new hub. Regardless, the internet is having a meltdown.

"You break my heart," @pcalayan wrote.

"What about beef Wellington?" @bmeevil asked, followed by a sad face.

"If you're being held hostage by a vegan give us a signal," @JoshMaGosh said.

"Is your Twitter hacked," @MrScottMills asked.

On the contrary, tons of other people rushed in to offer words of encouragement and praise — even PETA.

"FINALLY, we knew this day would come. Matilda knows what the people want; keep on adding #vegan options to your restaurant menus," the animal advocacy group wrote.

"Yayyy! So happy for you! That looks delicious!" @nnynybby_xx exclaimed.

"I would pay good money for a Gordon Ramsay vegan cookbook," @11seven15 declared.

The Daily Meal has reached out to Gordon Ramsay's team to see about whether or not the celebrity cook has gone completely meatless. Could there be a vegan Verre on the horizon? Stay tuned, but for now — herbivores can get their grub on at these restaurants instead.