Gordon Ramsay Is Cooking Up “24 Hours to Hell & Back” for Fox TV

The new unscripted series gives Ramsay a single day to rescue a struggling restaurant

Gordon Ramsay

Fox Television has picked up the all-new unscripted series Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back. Produced by Studio Ramsay, the new eight-episode series will feature Gordon Ramsay going through hell to bring failing restaurants back from the brink of disaster – all within 24 hours.

In today’s connected world, restaurants often find themselves one bad Yelp review away from having to shut their doors. Ramsay will travel throughout the United States to find restaurants on the knife’s edge of losing everything. A timer is set, and Ramsay will work around the clock to put struggling restaurants back on course. With only 24 hours to turn things around, he’ll make the necessary changes that he sees fit – from re-interviewing the staff to see who makes the cut, to renovating the space and updating the menu with signature dishes. Additionally, to help him with the task at hand, Ramsay will unveil his secret weapon -- Hell on Wheels, a 70-foot-long semitruck that unfolds into a state-of-the-art mobile kitchen. Using the truck as his work base, he’ll re-invent the struggling restaurant’s menu, and whip the staff into shape. Then, when the time is up, he’ll present the launch of a revamped restaurant.

“With the clock set at 24 hours-and-ticking, I can promise you this culinary boot camp gives a whole new meaning to ‘Hell on Wheels,’” said Ramsay, who produces the show that's set to premiere in 2018 through his production company in a joint venture with All3Media.

“The restaurant business is one of the toughest there is – and no one knows that more than Gordon,” said Rob Wade, president, alternative entertainment and specials at Fox Broadcasting Company and second-place winner in the Longest Corporate Title Contest. “Watching him try to save these businesses, not to mention restore the livelihoods of hardworking men and women, really puts the pressure on – and doing this as the clock ticks, challenges him like never before.”

At press time, there was no comment from chef Robert Irvine, the former host of Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible in which Irvine helped failing restaurants turn things around. But that’s different when you look closely. Irvine did it in two days, while Ramsay will do it in one. Totally different.


With cooking shows reaching their all-time most popular, there are a dozen more you can tune into on the Food Network.