You’ll Never Guess the One Food Robert Irvine Hates More Than Any Other

It’s America’s favorite spice!
Irvine Hates USA's Favorite Spice!

Chef Robert Irvine is a huge supporter of America, her troops, and her cuisine(s), but just doesn't like this one thing. 

Irvine's newest restaurant just opened in Las Vegas.

If you ever encounter England-born chef, TV host, cookbook author, and restaurateur Robert Irvine, we suggest you don’t try to feed him anything with cinnamon in it. During a recent interview with The Daily Meal, he revealed to us that the spice is his absolute least favorite food.

Irvine, whose new Las Vegas restaurant, Robert Irvine’s Public House, just opened, has hated cinnamon since he first arrived in the U.S., he told us, as he’d never even tried it before then.

“We don’t use cinnamon in England,” he said. “We’ve very boring, so I never grew up with it and never had it until I came to this country. Now everything has cinnamon in it, and I’m like ‘What is this disgusting stuff?’”

Irvine uses it in his cooking, and his protein bar company sells cinnamon-flavored bars, but he’s adamant about never eating it.


When asked what exactly he doesn’t like about the spice, he replied with a common answer among people who simply don’t like something: “It just doesn’t agree with me! I don’t like the taste of it, I don’t like the smell of it.”