Go Behind the Scenes at Bestia in Los Angeles with Food Steez

The team behind the blog Food Steez explores Downtown LA’s Bestia

Chefs Genevieve and Ori Gergis of Bestia.

The Team at Food Steez had the chance to get a front row seat at Bestia, where husband /wife team chefs Ori and Genevieve Gergis did not disappoint. From its inception, Bestia has been big on family, which is something you can immediately see when you walk in the door into its very contemporary space. The kitchen is open and is always bustling with laughter, which adds to the sense of community. The food is simple but, as chef Ori says, “simple is definitely not easier.” The meals are stripped down of unnecessary elements, allowing each ingredient to step into the spotlight — something that is both unique and refreshing.

To start things off, chef Ori prepared a house-made charcuterie plate. Bestia is very proud to make all their seasoned meats in house, where they can observe and fine tune the whole process. The charcuterie plate was not unlike what dreams are made of and the entire Food Steez team needed a moment to reset. After a few murmurs of “Oh my God this is so good,” chef Ori started the mussel dish. One element that immediately stood out was the amazing broth; it elevated the mussels to a whole with a hint of earthiness and a good amount of kick.

Just as we were finishing the mussels chef Genevieve, as if on cue, took us back into the kitchen to her pastry section, showing us how she makes one of her favorites: the butterscotch coconut tart with fresh coconut sorbetto. It was exciting watching her make this dessert from scratch, as she is so enthusiastic about each little ingredient and why it is utterly irreplaceable, and we had trouble looking away. The coconut paired with butterscotch is a perfect combination — it truly was one of the better desserts that we’ve ever had the chance to taste.

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