Get Your Life Together With Domino's 'Life Hacks' Feature

Domino's wants you to make the most of your time, especially when waiting for your pizza delivery. This week, the company launched its newest feature, which allows Domino's Tracker users to create delivery time "hacks," according to Ad Age.

The feature was created in partnership with IFTTT, a free platform that connects devices and services with customizable "applets," which can be enabled or disabled. For example, Domino's Tracker users can turn off the sprinklers when prompted that their pizza is en route for delivery. Another feature can enable a Samsung PowerBot to vacuum when the pizza order is being prepared. Additionally, users can create their own applets depending on their devices and services for "life hacks" while waiting for their pizza.

Some suggestions for applets that Domino's shares on its website include "email your family or roommates when your order hits the oven," "play a song from your Android phone when your order is in the oven," and "turn on the Harmony TV when your order is being prepared."

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