Pizza Delivery


This Pizza Delivery Driver Was Spotted Delivering Food to a Stranded Driver in a Snowstorm

A heroic delivery man delivered pizza to drivers stuck behind a recent avalanche
Pizza Delivery


The random act of kindness was much appreciated.

Colorado truck drivers stuck behind a road crew working to clear an avalanche got a sweet — or, rather, savory — surprise yesterday from an unlikely source: a hero pizza delivery guy.  Truck drivers were stuck along I-70 at Vail Pass following an avalanche collapse during a snowstorm on Tuesday. The drivers waited for hours and one particular trucker was feeling particularly ravenous so he ordered a pizza.

As crazy as the request might sound, it actually worked. A pizza delivery man — wearing shorts and driving a Subaru, was spotted by news station KUSA trekking through the snowdrifts to deliver pizza to the man, while Colorado’s Department of Transportation worked to clear the roadway until midafternoon.

Other stranded drivers apparently liked the idea, and more orders were called in — and more pizzas delivered.

The pizza man was later identified as Marc Keleske, the owner of Chicago Pizza, who said that his pizzeria actually often delivers to stranded drivers in Colorado where snow avalanches in winter are pretty common.

"These guys have been sitting there for anywhere from 10 to 14 hours in their trucks, just sitting there overnight. They’re usually very hungry and they’re very excited to see us when we pull up, that’s for sure," Keleske told NBC9 News.


We’re sure the tips were rolling in that day.