Can Lunch Meat Be Frozen?

No more slimy lunch meat

If you’re like us, you’ve experienced the routine of buying a package of lunch meat just to throw away half of it a week later. It’s hard to finish that pound of ham without putting about five slices of cold cuts on your sandwich. But did you know that lunch meat can be stored in the freezer?

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That’s right, the days of slimy lunch meat are over thanks to one of those hacks that make your food last longer.

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, a package of deli slices is only safe to eat for three to five days after opening it — but that’s if you store the food in the fridge. When stored in the freezer, an opened or unopened package of lunch meat can last up to two months.


Whether you choose to buy salami or turkey, there’s no denying that the lunch game will never be the same now that you know cold cuts can be frozen. Be sure to use this newfound knowledge when you whip up some of these delicious sandwiches better than mom used to make.