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18 Foods You Should Always Buy at Costco

If you want to save money, don’t bother buying these at the supermarket

Along with other big-box grocers like Sam’s Club and BJ’s, Costco holds a special place in the hearts of Americans. There’s something about the prospect of flashing a membership card and having access to thousands of items, usually sold in bulk at discounted prices, that makes us undeniably giddy. Not every food item for sale is actually a good deal, but certain items will cost you far less than what you can expect to pay at the supermarket.

18 Foods You Should Always Buy at Costco Gallery

Costco’s primary schtick in the food department is the fact that it sells food in mass quantities. This makes shopping at Costco a little bit more tricky than you might realize, because making the decision to buy something requires some mental gymnastics: Do I actually need this one-pound bag of active dry yeast, or these two 33-ounce jars of Nutella? Yeast goes bad, so unless you’re a baker, you probably don’t need it. As for the Nutella — yes, you always need that much Nutella.

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It can be easy to get overwhelmed at Costco, but make sure you ask yourself if you really need something before you buy it. And always be wary of buying perishable food items in bulk; those peaches and raw chicken breasts might spoil long before you’re able to use them, and then you’ve wasted money. But if you don’t buy what you don’t need — and if you keep these 18 great deals tracked down with help from sites like The Krazy Koupon Lady and My Frugal Adventures in mind — then you can end up saving hundreds of dollars per year.