Off the Rez Food Truck Brings Native American Flavor to Seattle


Indian Tacos (with lettuce, meat, cheese, and various other toppings on fry bread) are Off The Rez's specialty.

With summer fast approaching, Off The Rez Food Truck is preparing for the busiest time of the year: festival season.

The extremely popular Native American cuisine food truck is always a hit at festivals because of their particular flavor they provide. They offer fry bread, Indian tacos, seasonal jams, salads, and American favorites such as burgers and fries, all of which brings in the crowds.

“At the food truck rodeo earlier this month, a customer told us she had been waiting in line for an hour!” server Emmitt Cod told us. “We were so swamped, I didn’t realize the line had gotten so long.”

One factor drawing to Off the Rez’s popularity is their unique flavor. They offer the only authentic Native American cuisine in both Seattle and at the festivals they attend, owner Cecilia Rikard added. 

When Off the Rez began in 2012 they served a few areas in Seattle, but this changed as they quickly grew a large customer following. Now, three years later, Off the Rez sets up shop all around the greater Seattle Area. They also offer catering for events and are even contemplating opening up a permanent location instead of operating out of a food truck.


The future will have to wait though, explained Rikard. Off the Rez is focused on the present and preparing for the various festivals and events they’ve committed to. On the docket is the Georgetown Carnival and Brewers Festival in June along with Dragonfest in July.