Fish For Your Supper At This Upscale Japanese Restaurant In Chelsea

When people go out to eat, it's usually to relax and avoid cooking at home. But come early 2018, New York City diners will have to put in work for a meal at upscale eatery Zauo — by casting a fishing line from a literal boat inside the building.

DNAInfo reports that the Japan-based restaurant will occupy a three-level spot at 152 West 24th St. On the first and second floors, patrons have the option to fish from a tank filled with 10 different types of fish. After they're reeled in, a chef will prepare your catch any way you'd like: sushi, sashimi, deep-fried, grilled, or boiled.

At the restaurant, bait can be purchased for prices between 88 cents and $1.76, and fishing rods may be rented for free.

"By preparing and eating fish that you have caught yourself, you can be truly grateful for life," Zauo's New York president Takuya Takahashi told Vice in 2015.

Rookie fisherman need not worry — if you're having trouble catching a fish, restaurant staff will help you. Plus, if you choose to fish for your meal rather than simply ordering it, the restaurant will discount your bill.

Third-floor customers can skip the hard labor and just order sushi, other various seafood dishes, wagyu beef, vegetable tempura, soups, and salads.

Zauo is scheduled to open in Chelsea February 2018. For more fishy fare, check out America's 40 best seafood shacks!