Fancy Stuff You Should Like but Probably Don't

You can be forgiven for not actually enjoying these luxury food items

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Not everybody is obligated to be a fan of pungent white truffles.

Ever met someone who doesn’t like foie gras? They may not admit to it, because it’s such an expensive delicacy, but we bet there are a lot more people out there than you may realize who legitimately don’t like the taste of the fattened liver of a duck or goose. And that’s OK! Because you know what? We’re all entitled to our opinions, and just because something is expensive doesn’t automatically mean we'll find it delicious.

Fancy Stuff You Should Like but Probably Don't (Slideshow)

The fanciest and most expensive foods usually get that way because they’re rare or take a large amount of labor to produce. Some foods are expensive just because we expect them to be — when there’s a glut of lobster available you don’t see prices in restaurants drop — and lowering the price isn’t in any seller’s best interests. One quality you might notice wasn’t taken into account? Flavor.

Certain luxury items do indeed taste good to just about everybody — black truffles, we’re looking at you — but for the most part, very expensive foods are just as divisive as inexpensive foods; some people like their flavor, and some don’t. And while it might come across as snobbish when someone says that they don’t like foie gras (common belief would dictate that because it’s such a luxurious food, no opportunity to eat it should be passed up), we have to disagree: if someone doesn’t like a specific food item, they shouldn’t be obligated to eat it.

So if you’re in a nice restaurant or at a swanky cocktail party and someone tries to get you to eat a luxury item that you don’t want to try, don’t be afraid to say “No, thanks.” But if you’ve never eaten foie gras and just think that you won’t like it, we recommend giving it a try. Don’t rule anything out until you’ve given it a fair chance.

Bone Marrow

Bone marrow, when properly roasted, is rich and luxurious, with an intensely beefy flavor. When spread onto toast, it’s been called “God’s butter.” But still, it’s bone marrow. Even though it has legions of fans, its flavor can be too intense for some.

Calf's Brains and Kidneys

Calf’s brains and kidneys have long been luxury items in high-end fare around the world, from brains sautéed with brown butter and capers in French cuisine to kidneys stewed in sherry sauce in Spain. They also make plenty of appearances in peasant fare, including veal brain tacos in Mexico and steak and kidney pie in England. These are definitely acquired tastes; brain has a very mushy texture and kidneys are oddly crunchy, sometimes with a faint taste of urine. You’re under no obligation to become a fan of this offal. 

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