This Elderly Couple's Valentine's Day Tradition Is the Sweetest Thing

Happy Valentine’s Day!

One Albuquerque couple has a heartwarming Valentine’s Day tradition spanning nearly 40 years. Ron Kramer has been delivering a box of chocolates to his wife Donna in the same box every year since 1979. This year will be their 39th year.

The couple met when Ron was a salesman and Donna answered the door in a quilted bathrobe and with Big Bird slippers on her feet, Donna told ABC’s Albuquerque affiliate KOAT. "I was really sexy!" the 74-year-old joked. Her now-husband asked her on a date to the Ice Capades a few days later.

For their first Valentine’s Day, Ron told ABC News that he went to Buffet’s Candies to get Donna’s favorite (dark chocolate crèmes). “They said if you bring this box back next year and you want to refill it, we won’t charge you for the box, we’ll just charge you for the candy,” he relayed. As of Valentine’s Day 2018, he has brought that same box back to be refilled for 39 consecutive years.

Donna was diagnosed with dementia in 2014. “She got to the point where she couldn’t write, she couldn’t speak, she couldn’t go to the restroom,” Ron said. “She couldn’t do anything by herself. She had go into a home in August 2015, and that was probably the saddest day of my life.”

“She’s going to forget. She’s going to forget who I am… so enjoy every minute you can have with them while they still remember you.”

Heartwarmingly, on this particular Valentine’s Day, Donna remembered her husband and their time-honored tradition. You can check out the super-sweet video below, in which she happily exclaims, “That’s why I’m going to keep him. He’s a keeper!” (Meanwhile, you can’t even get a text back.)

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