Eat Gluten Free at These Chain Restaurants

Even chain restaurants can have plenty of gluten free options

Olive Garden now offers gluten free pasta. 

Looking to dine at a chain restaurant but on a gluten free diet? Don’t despair: just about every chain offers menu items that are gluten-free. Some have special menus devoted just to gluten-free dishes, some serve dishes that simply don’t contain any ingredients with gluten, and others can modify existing menu items so that they don’t contain any gluten.

If you have celiac disease, always make sure that your server and the manager know that anything containing gluten can make you sick, because while gluten free awareness among restaurant staff is becoming more commonplace, there’s still a major learning curve; for example, not many people know that deep fryers can cross-contaminate if they’re shared with non-gluten-free foods. So be careful, but these restaurants tend to have a pretty good track record when it comes to gluten free dining.

Classic sirloin, grilled salmon, Monterrey chicken, margarita grilled chicken without tortilla strips, original ribs
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Red Robin
Fire-Grilled Burgers, served protein-style wrapped in lettuce or on a gluten free bun, French fries fried in a separate gluten-free fryer
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Olive Garden
grilled chicken Caesar salad; gluten-free rotini with meat sauce, marinara, or primavera; Steak Toscano; herb-grilled salmon
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Noodles & Co.
Noodles & Co serves gluten free rice noodles, but make sure to tell them that you are gluten-free when you arrive; the manager will then get involved to make sure your meal is completely gluten-free. Gluten-free menu items include pad Thai, penne rose with rice noodles, tomato basil bisque, and the Med Salad with no noodles.
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The Capital Grille
Alert the manager when you arrive that you’re allergic to gluten, and the chef at Capital Grille will make sure that your food stays away from foods with gluten, and that clean tongs and pans are used. A wide variety of dishes are available for gluten sensitive diners; you can find them here