Land of the Gluten-Free: 10 Iconic American Recipes Without the Wheat

Revamped classics just in time for your Fourth of July cookout

Gluten-free versions of your favorite iconic American foods

As the Fourth of July approaches, people across the nation are firing up the grill. Ice is in the cooler, the fridge is stocked with watermelon and hot dogs, and store windows are decked in more red, white, and blue than Uncle Sam. 

Along with everyone gathering in the spirit of the holiday comes dealing with dietary restrictions and picky eaters alike.  Whether it’s a sister-in-law with Celiac disease, a kindergartener on a mac and cheese kick, or both, figuring out a way to serve your favorite Fourth of July dishes so that they can eat, too, can be tricky.

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Thankfully, we’ve gathered up a handful of gluten-free solutions that will revolutionize your cookout without cutting the tradition. Going gluten-free may seem daunting, but thanks to a wealth of alternative products it doesn’t have to be. Ingredients like brown rice flour, tapioca starch, and xanthan gum, all found on the Celiac Disease Foundation’s list of gluten-free grains, mean that your cooking habits don’t need to change with your diet, and for that matter, neither does your list of favorite foods.

Special diets are not about deprivation. No matter what your restrictions, you can still celebrate good flavor. From grandma’s chocolate chip cookies to New York-style pizza, The Daily Meal has plenty of creative ways to take nostalgic favorites and make them gluten-free, and just in time for that Fourth of July barbecue, too. 


So whether you’ve made the change for health reasons, in solidarity with a loved one, or out of curiosity, take a look at these 10 iconic, gluten-free, American eats, and indulge your taste buds without your health paying the price.