Shy/Innocent Type — Gum Drops from The Easter Bunny’s Guide to Candy Personalities Slideshow

The Easter Bunny’s Guide to Candy Personalities Slideshow


Shy/Innocent Type — Gum Drops

Children that tend to be shy or a bit introverted might get overwhelmed if they’re presented with exotic flavored candy or anything too spicy or sour. It’s best to stick with the straightforward treats in this case, like sugar-coated gum drops.


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Girly-Girl — Pastel-colored M&Ms

Girly-girls tend to be more excited about the appearance of the candy rather than how it tastes, so going with a seasonal candy in pastel hues will be right up their alley. Ring Pops and candy necklaces will also do the trick.



Tomboy — Peanut Butter Eggs

They’re shaped like eggs but they really look more like footballs, which makes them the perfect Easter sweet for girls who are "one of the guys."



Adventurous/Daredevil — Anything Super-Sour

These types of kids are looking to be surprised (or challenged, if you will). They’re looking for something out of the ordinary, something edgy. If you have an adventurous youngster on your hands, always go for sour candy — the more extreme the better. Sour Patch Bunnies could work, or sour jelly beans, but the Warheads Sour Easter Egg, complete with various War Heads products, is a sure bet.


Traditionalist — Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are a tried-and-true classic; go with the beans and this kid will be a happy camper.


Curious/Intellectual — Cadbury Creme Egg

Now, this may seem like an odd choice for an intellectual kid, but only a curious and thoughtful child could get a real kick out of biting into a chocolate exterior and discovering an interior that resembles a real egg. It’s good to feed the mind during the holidays.



Picky Eater — Chocolate Bunny

It’s hard to argue with a big chunk of milk chocolate if you’re a kid who doesn’t have a very adventurous palate. Unless of course you’re dealing with a kid who doesn’t like chocolate, in which case go for the jelly beans. 



Silly/Goofy — Outrageously Flavored Jelly Beans

A child with a sense of humor will relish the thought of picking out a buttered popcorn or root beer-flavored jelly bean from their assorted variety. 



Theatrical — Peeps

This is the type of kid who is always looking to stage a performance. A package of fun-loving peeps will keep a theatrical child entertained, especially if they’re anywhere near a microwave



Gourmand — Fine Chocolate or Truffles

For those kids with the most discerning palates, fill their eggs with high-quality dark chocolate (anything above 70 percent cacao should do). Hand-crafted chocolate truffles will also do the trick. 


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