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DoorDash Faces Lawsuit From Suburban Chicago Restaurant Over Trademark Infringement

DoorDash settled a lawsuit from In-N-Out in 2015

California-based online delivery service DoorDash is currently under fire from a suburban Chicago restaurant called Burger Antics, which claims the company has used its logo and sold its food without permission. According to Burger Antics owners Dan and Brenna Velcich, DoorDash was never authorized by the restaurant to post its menu or deliver its food. DoorDash has been fending off similar complaints from other restaurants for years, which is why the Velciches are seeking class-action status.

The Brookfield restaurant caught wind of DoorDash’s antics after they began receiving complaints from customers of cold food and late delivery service. Terrence Buehler, the attorney representing Burger Antics, told the Chicago Tribune, “They have no delivery service and don’t want one.”

This is not the first time DoorDash has been involved in a lawsuit like this. In-N-Out filed a lawsuit against the delivery service in 2015 for trademark infringement. The California-based burger chain is no longer listed on the food delivery site.

DoorDash has since removed Burger Antics from its website, but the lawsuit is ongoing. “What [the removal] does not address is the nine documented orders DoorDash placed with Burger Antics,” Buehler said. “I guess I’ll wait to hear from the DoorDash lawyers and see what their view is on it.” Luckily, Chicago is home to some of the best burgers in America; many of which can be delivered to its surrounding suburbs — even Brookfield.

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