Domino’s Now Delivers Pizza to 150,000 Parks, Beaches, and Sports Fields

The next battle in the food-delivery wars

You can now have a pizza delivered to your picnic in the park.

Just in time for warmer weather, Domino’s will drop off pies to more than 150,000 parks, beaches, sports fields and other curbside spots around the country without an official address.

Called “hotspots,” they’ll only be available for prepaid orders made online at or on mobile apps.

Here in New York, hotspots include more than a dozen in or around Central Park, two at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, dozens along the Brooklyn shores of Coney Island, Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach, the Astoria Park Tennis courts in Queens, and the Silver Lake Golf Course on Staten Island.

“We listened to customers and their need for pizza delivery to locations without a traditional address,” said Russell Weiner, president of Domino’s USA. “We know that delivery is all about convenience, and Domino’s Hotspots are an innovation that is all about flexible delivery options for customers.”

Once location technology determines where the person ordering is, Domino’s hotspots pop up on a map so patrons can select one. Before completing the order, customers can leave a note to help drivers find them. A text then tells customers the driver’s ETA.

If you’d like to find a delivery location in your area, visit


What the new technology does not do, however, is explain why anyone in New York City would order from the chain when most nabes boast decent pizza joints on nearly every corner. But then again, they probably won’t bring your order to the beach.