Design Your Dream Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home

The kitchen is the room you spend most of your time in

Despite all the sleeping and Netflix binge watching you do in various parts of your house, the kitchen is the room you spend most of your time in.From prepping meals to late night fridge raids, the kitchen is the heart of your home. And as much as you love it and all the memories you’ve made, it might be time to spruce things up. IKEA has always been your go-to place for smart storage solutions and they’ve got you covered for your kitchen redesign, too. Designed to give you more freedom, more function and more fun, the IKEA SEKTION system has it all. From integrated lighting to drawers within drawers in a system with styles from modern to country, it’s the system you’ve been waiting for. And it’s all with that famous IKEA price tag.


The SEKTION kitchen from IKEA is a cool new modular system that allows you to create thousands of different combinations. So you’re able to put together a kitchen that’s just right for you and your space. And it’s all customizable, so your unique sense of style will always be there. Create the perfect kid-friendly counter where your little chef can help mix or a space dedicated to showing off your vintage wooden spoons. IKEA outfits all of their cabinets with high quality hardware and high-end features like soft-close drawers. It’s all on a 25-year warranty so you know you’re covered for the long run no matter how active you are in the kitchen. You’ll be able to move from prep to cook stations easily and efficiently. And since you can hang cabinets in any design, you can maximize valuable counter space for rolling out dough and breaking down meats.


If you’re into hosting dinner parties, SEKTION includes the option to create cabinet space around built-in appliances like a double oven or microwave, which you can also find in store. You’d have every pot, pan, strainer, and spoon right at your fingertips and ready to create a fabulous meal. Matching open cabinets replace bulky wine racks and come complete with bottle rests and drawer inserts for everything from utensils to recipe cards mean you stay organized. Home cooks will love the in-drawer knife tray feature where you can store your most used tools blade-down for safety and ease.



Whether you prefer a high-gloss finish or glass door with built in frame and beveled panel you can go from contemporary to traditional and vice versa easily. Want the dream kitchen but not the work of putting it together? No problem. There is a full range of services available so you can be as DIY as you like. And if planning is your passion, be sure to check out IKEA’s free on-line 3D kitchen planner. The tool lets you become your own interior designer allowing you to drag and drop your choice of furniture into the room and fit them to the exact measurements of your kitchen. View it all in 3D and print with measurements just like an architect! Visiting the kitchen to satisfy your midnight munchies just got a whole lot more exciting.