The Daily Dish: October 27, 2015

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The Daily Dish 10.27.15

Buttered sushi, psychedelic cotton candy, and Starbucks’ Frappula Frappuccino!

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Today’s first course?

Osaka Restuarant Makes a Case For Buttered Sushi

They say “Butter makes everything better,” but buttered sushi? One Osaka-based Japanese restaurant decided butter could improve sushi, and it turns out they’re right. The Jinen restaurant chain reportedly started topping grilled freshwater eel sushi with butter pats held in place by seaweed strips, and the dish has been a hit.The heat from the eel makes the butter creamy, and fans are chiming in with that timeworn melt-in-your-mouth cliché. It shouldn’t be long before you see butter sushi at your local sushi spot.

These Psychedelic Rainbow New York Bagels Are Filled With Cotton Candy

What do you get when you cross a unicorn with a New York bagel? Clearly the Rainbow Bagel created by the Bagel Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This psychedelic creation looks like Lisa Frank got into a vat of boiling bagels, but it isn’t a spoof. The Rainbow Bagel is stuffed with cotton candy, cake-flavored cream cheese, and sprinkles. We’re scared to know what they look like toasted.

Starbucks Has Created a Blood Red Frappuccino for Halloween

Dracula may come to suck your blood on Halloween, or maybe he’ll opt for Starbucks’ new Frappuccino instead. Starbucks unveiled a Frappula Frappuccino inspired by Dracula! It’s made with white chocolate sauce, milk, and ice with a layer of mocha sauce and whipped cream at the bottom; raspberry syrup coating the inside of the cup; and whipped cream on top. It will be available from October 28 to 31. Last year, Starbucks honored Frankenstein with a green tea and peppermint syrup Franken Frappuccino.



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