The Daily Dish: October 26, 2015

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The Daily Dish 10.26.15

The Mediterranean diet can lengthen your life, McDonald’s turnaround, peanut butter beer, and fake boba.

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People Who Follow the Mediterranean Diet Could Slow Aging Process by Five Years

Scientists have found more evidence establishing the Mediterranean diet as a healthy choice, and not just a trend. The diet emphasizes eating fish, vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains. Researchers found that people with diets rich in fish and fresh vegetables could stave off aging by five years.

McDonald's US Sales Are Up for the First Time in 2 Years

McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook’s turnaround plan — and the long-awaited arrival of all-day breakfast — is paying off, as the iconic but struggling fast food company just had its best domestic performance in over two years. In its third-quarter profit report, McDonald’s noted that net income during the quarter rose 23 percent, to $1.31 billion, or $1.40 a share.

Peanut Butter Is the Newest Trend in Fall Craft Beer Flavors

When October hits, every pub seems to tout hard cider and pumpkin beer. But craft brewers are experimenting with another ingredient this fall: peanut butter. According to the Boston Globe, there are approximately 188 beer varieties that are peanut butter-flavored or brewed with the real stuff.

Some Tapioca Balls in China Are Allegdely Made Out of Leather and Tires

You’ve heard of bubble tea — the milk tea or fruit smoothies with tapioca balls, also known as boba, which are typically made with tapioca starch and sugar. Well some bubble tea shops in China are allegedly selling drinks with boba made from leather and rubber. A reporter in Qingdao, a city on the eastern coast in Shandong Province, drank some milk tea and went to a hospital to get an X-ray of her stomach only to discover the tapioca balls could not be digested.


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