Peanut Butter Is the Newest Trend in Fall Craft Beer Flavors

Trend alert: Small U.S. craft brewers are experimenting with beer created with peanut butter, like Foolproof on Rhode Island
Peanut butter beer: an alternative to endless hard ciders and pumpkin brews.


Peanut butter beer: an alternative to endless hard ciders and pumpkin brews.

When October hits, it seems like every pub in town is touting one hard cider after another, with endless pumpkin beers on tap. But what about something new? Some small craft brewers are experimenting with another ingredient this fall: peanut butter.

If you think about it, it’s really no crazier than beer that tastes like fermented pears or chocolate. One brewery, Foolproof Brewing Co. in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, is taking its usual Raincloud Robust Porter and adding peanut butter.

“There are about a million different pumpkin beers out there,” brewmaster Nick Garrison told the Boston Globe. “We wanted to do something different, but something that fit in well with Halloween and some of the seasonal tastes going on.”

And they aren’t the only ones: Peanut butter beer is hardly a new concept. Even Blue Moon has a seasonal peanut butter ale. However, the trend seems to be gaining notoriety. According to the Boston Globe, there are approximately 188 beer varieties out there that are peanut butter-flavored or brewed with the real stuff.

If you’re really going for a Halloween motif, we suggest trying to get your hands on the Horny Goat Chocolate Peanut Butter porter, which received an average score of 92 on Rate My Beer.

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