The Daily Dish: July 7, 2016

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UPS Capital, a subsidiary of UPS that “provides supply chain financial, insurance, and payment services," has extended its UPS Customized Declared Value for Wine program, previously only available in Italy, to vintners and wine shippers in France. The program gives wine shippers “everything they need to ship and protect their product,” according to a release. This includes packaging consulting, custom shipping pricing, and loss and damage protection. The release continues, “By subscribing to the UPS Customized Declared Value for Wine program, vintners can offer their customers a high-end service with full protection for the value of their order.”

Childhood obesity is a serious problem and one UK charity has found a disturbing culprit: junk food advertisements. The charity’s research shows an alarming level of temptation among children; one child went so far as to tell researchers he wanted to “lick the screen” after an advertisement ended. Currently, there is a ban on junk food adverts during children’s programming; however, most children in this study were exposed to advertisements while watching television with their family between 7 and 9 pm. As a result, Cancer Research UK has called on Parliament to introduce regulations to “stop junk-food advertising on TV before the 9 pm watershed to give children a better chance of a healthy life.”

Last week, New York mourned the loss of one of its most popular pizzaioli. Louis Barbati, 61, co-owner of L&B Spumoni Gardens pizzeria in Gravesend, Brooklyn, was shot dead outside his Dyker Heights home Thursday night in what police are calling a botched robbery attempt. While hundreds of fans, family, and friends gathered at Barbati’s wake this weekend sharing memories and slices of Spumoni’s famous doughy pizza, the NYPD are working to gather intel on the killer’s motive. Barbati was in the midst of a mob war over a stolen pizza sauce recipe, The Daily News reports. A criminal case in 2012 charged that Frank Guerra, a co-owner of Spumoni Gardens through marriage — and allegedly a member of the Colombo crime family who had been acquitted of a double murder — attempted to extort money from from a former Spumoni Gardens employee, whom he accused of lifting the sauce recipe and selling it to competitors on Staten Island. The charges were later dropped.



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