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The Daily Dish: July 5, 2016

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The USDA is pushing for food stamp acceptors to provide a wider range of healthier options on their shelves, putting smaller stores in a compromising position. Because of the proposal, the place of corner stores may be encroached on by larger chains like Walmart and Kroger in the $74 billion Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. As the USDA changes the SNAP program, it wants stores redeeming food stamps to carry more types of fresh meats and vegetables, while having fewer hot, ready-made meals. However, smaller retailers think that these items will not be bought with food stamps and will be a waste of money to the stores.
Animal rights activists have scored a massive victory in the food industry: Perdue Foods is about to completely change the treatment of its chickens from egg to plate. It doesn’t seem like Perdue planned on making wholesale changes; instead, its hand was forced by its consumer base, which is increasingly made up of millennials who want to know more about their food. From what it seems, Perdue is making real changes and genuinely wants to improve the quality of life. The fact that it won’t cost the company much and will help it cater to the younger generations of consumers certainly played into its motivation.
We recently reported on the pending GMO labeling bill that is currently being batted around the Senate. If you’re too lazy to follow that link, or you haven’t been following the story, here’s the elevator pitch-length version: The ranking Republican and Democrat in the Senate Agriculture Committee have introduced a bill that would force companies to label GMO products as such. The bill has the blessing and support of the major lobbying groups in both the agriculture and grocery sectors. Now, Bernie Sanders and his fellow senator from Vermont Patrick Leahy will champion those smaller players in the industry who have called the bill a sham, vowing to put a hold on the legislation. 
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