Could Olive Garden Be Coming Out With a Makeup Palette?

MAC, who? Urban Decay, shook.

Olive Garden teased a mouthwatering-looking makeup palette on Twitter that even attracted the attention of a YouTube beauty star.

We would obviously jump at the chance to wear Olive Garden all over our faces — and we don’t mean pasta sauce. The Italian-style chain that serves endless breadsticks and salad teased a makeup palette via Twitter that has our mouths watering, and it’s getting a ton of attention on social media.

The pink-hued kit pictured in the Twitter post includes a large pink blush and a large toast-colored bronzer stamped with the Olive Garden logo, four highlight shades, and two mini blushes. With shade names such as “Marinara Rouge,” “Breadstick Bronzer,” “Alfredo Awesome,” and “Parmigiana Perfection,” this palette is making us super hungry with its appetizing colors.

The saucy palette caught the attention of internet beauty guru Jeffree Star, who tweeted back to the brand, “Is this real???”

Olive Garden responded, “It needs to be!”

Twitter seems to agree, as many users are responding back to the brand with statements of desire, heart eye emojis and even their own ideas for an expanded beauty line.

The Daily Meal reached out to Olive Garden about whether or not this is going to be a real thing. All we recieved was a mysterious "Talk soon...." 

We’re craving this makeup palette harder than we crave OG’s cheese ravioli. While we dream about the potential tutorials, we’ll be reading 10 things you didn’t know about Olive Garden.

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