Costco Is Selling Heart-Shaped Ravioli

Eat your feelings

Costco is selling heart-shaped ravioli just in time for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re planning on wooing your sweetheart by cooking them a Valentine’s Day dinner, you might want to head to Costco. Not only are they offering a 24-pound cake made entirely out of cheese, the bulk chain is also selling the most adorable-looking heart-shaped ravioli from an artisanal-quality pasta producer.

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The Italian four cheese heart-shaped raviolis are made by Nuovo and include a blend of ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan, and aged Asiago cheeses. One side of each pasta pocket is colored red, for love. Awww.

Plus, they’re a steal at Costco right now at two 20-ounce packages for $9.79.

heart shaped pasta costco


These romantic-looking ravioli are currently being sold at Costco locations nationwide for a limited time. However, customers should definitely check with their local stores to see if they have the ravioli in stock. It seems like it might become a cult-favorite Costco item!


There are certain foods you should always buy at Costco, including pasta, because the chain will frequently sell specialty brands like Nuovo — which also happens to be sold at upscale grocers like Whole Foods — at a bargain price. That's just one of the Costco super shopper secrets we live by