Costco Is Selling a 24-Pound Wedding Cake Made of Cheese

So... Who wants to get married?

We'll take a full-size slice, please.

Not sure why no one thought of this sooner, but people can now order a tiered cake made of gourmet cheeses to celebrate weddings, birthdays and other formal affairs. The “Cheese Lover Celebration Cake” is sold by Costco, weighs 24 pounds and features enough red Leicester, Danish blue, Murcia al vino, Tuscan sheep’s cheese and Brillat-Savarin triple-cream Brie to feed 105 to 150 people (depending on how much cheese you and your guests can polish off).

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The whole setup costs an astronomical $439.99, but hey, shipping and handling is included, so there’s that. Customers can order it on Costco’s website, and then they’ll receive it two to three business days later. The cake is not assembled before it’s shipped. It’ll arrive in five pieces, but all you have to do is stack them by size with the largest wheel at the base. Then, decorate with a plastic newlywed set, birthday candles, edible flowers or more cheese! The possibilities are endless.


The real questions here are: How many crackers or crostini do you need for 24 pounds of cheese? How many jars of strawberry jam? These are important questions! We need to know! If the math’s too much for you, or if you’re getting married and don’t want a silly (ehem, brilliant) wedding cake, peruse these 25 jaw-dropping desserts for your big day instead.