The Cookie Dunk Test Slideshow

8) Mrs. Field's Chocolate Chip

Average Score: 60/100
Ideal Dunk Time: 10 to 15 seconds

The lowest-scoring of the bunch, Mrs. Field’s Chocolate Chip cookies were a letdown when dunked into 2 percent milk. The cookies were "too chewy," "didn’t absorb milk," "didn’t fit in the cup," were "trying too hard to be a fresh cookie," and "didn’t taste like the real Mrs. Field’s," according to our expert panel. Another summed it up best: "Weird."

7) Nutter Butter

Average Score: 68/100
Ideal Dunk Time: 3 to 5 seconds

These peanut butter crème-filled favorites held up surprisingly poorly during the test. "Became very soft, hard to control, and almost mushy," said one panelist. The general consensus was that these are better without the milk, and "just shouldn’t be dunked." If you do decide to dunk your Nutter Butters, though, don’t keep them in the milk for more than five seconds or else they’ll fall apart on you. 

6) Pepperidge Farm Milano

Average Score: 69/100
Ideal Dunk Time: 3 to 5 seconds

"Not meant for milk," most panelists agreed. "When dunked for too long it became a soggy mess. Dunk one to three seconds to kill the dryness," another wrote. The chocolate layer at the center stayed solid when dunked, which made for an "incongruous" cookie. "The cookie dissolves and the chocolate just hangs there stuck," said one. 

5) Stella D'Oro Almond Toast

Average Score: 73/100
Ideal Dunk Time: 3 to 5 seconds

Surprisingly, the cookie designed to absorb the most "disintegrated" if left in the milk for more than a few seconds. While it "absorbed loads of milk," and had "very good flavor," the panelists agreed that it "would work better with coffee."

4) Nilla Wafers

Average Score: 81/100
Ideal Dunk Time: 3 to 5 seconds

Now we’re starting to get somewhere. "Surprisingly kept its crunch on the outside while getting soft in the middle," said one panelist. "It had perfect vanilla flavor, and tastes like sponge cake," said another. "Dainty" and "refreshing" were other descriptors tossed around. 

3) Keebler Fudge Stripes

Average Score: 82/100
Ideal Dunk Time: 15 to 20 seconds

These classics needed a lot more time than the others to allow the milk to saturate, but once it soaked in they were "the surprise of the bunch." "I prefer it with milk," said one, and while the chocolate didn’t melt, it served as a nice complement to the cookie as opposed to overpowering it as with the Milano. 

2) Chips Ahoy!

Average Score: 85/100
Ideal Dunk Time: 15 to 20 seconds

These classics stayed crunchy even when submerged in milk, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. "The perfect blend of crunch and crumble," said one panelist, while others credited the nostalgia factor. "It is what it is and I love it," said another. A true milk’s cookie. 

1) Oreo

Average Score: 100/100
Ideal Dunk Time: 5 to 15 seconds

"The ideal dunking cookie," the panelists agreed. "I now recall why Oreo made dipping famous," said one;" "it’s a classic for a reason," said another. The cookies take on milk easily, and if left in for only a few seconds they stay crunchy. If left in longer they get softer but still maintain their composure. And if you just let them settle to the bottom of the glass and leave them there for a few minutes, well that’s OK, too. "Perfect," one panelist simply said.