Clodagh’s Kitchen Pop-Up Event Slideshow

Place Settings

The menu setting was clean and rustic, evoking a home kitchen tucked away in Ireland, with a professional backdrop. 


Fresh oysters and shots of Guinness were walked around the room before guests entered the sit-down dining space. 

Untitled at the Whitney Museum of American Art

Guests waited in the entrance seating area upstairs before being greeted by Clodagh McKenna and taken downstairs.

Esteemed Guests

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny and wife Fionnuala Kenny were two honored guests of the evening.

Setting the Scene

McKenna talks with Fionnuala Kenny before the dining begins. 

Beginning Bread

Fresh rolls were delivered to each table upon seating, along with a delectable ramekin of Irish butter.

Dinner Introduction

Chefs Clodagh McKenna and Chris Bradley prepare guests for the Irish-American dining experience by welcoming them and explaining the menu choices and influences. 

Behind the Scenes Preparation

McKenna prepares one of the starter choices, "Salmon and Poitin."

Starter: "Pig and Goat"

A fresh black pudding with St. Tola goat's cheese comprised one of the menu's starter options.

Starter: "Salmon and Poitin"

The other starter option included vodka and juniper berry cured Irish wild salmon.

Double View

Guests waited upstairs while finishing touches were added to the downstairs restaurant. 

Main: "Nettle and Potato"

One main course option included a dish of wild nettle potato dumplings with Cashel blue cheese. 

Main: "Bacon and Cabbage"

Another main course included slow-roasted pig cheeks with braised cabbage and chunks of apple.

Main: "Fish and Butter"

The third main course option included black sole with buttered prawns.

Clodagh McKenna

McKenna's cookbooks were available for sale and signing at the St. Patrick's Day event. 

Dessert: "Whiskey and Bread"

One dessert option included a sweet and savory dish of bread and butter pudding with whiskey and raisins. 

Final Course: "Oats and Milk"

Irish farmhouse artisan cheese and oat biscuits were served as a parting course, along with tea or coffee for some guests. 

McKenna and Guests

McKenna made herself readily available to the crowd, going from table to table to check on her guests.