Chicago Restaurant Felony Franks Known for Employing Ex-Offenders Closes

‘Felony Franks is officially closed’

A Chicago-area landmark known for giving ex-offenders a second shot at job opportunities is forced to close its doors.

Felony Franks, Oak Park’s “home of the misdemeanor wiener,” has announced that it has closed its doors via a Facebook post. The Chicago-area restaurant, known for employing ex-offenders, was originally opened by Jim Andrews in 2010, in Chicago on the corner of Western Ave. and Jackson Blvd. The original restaurant was closed in 2012 due to disputes with the 2nd Ward Alderman Bob Fioretti.

Deno Andrews, the owner’s son, opened the new Oak Park location in 2015 and there it has stayed, providing ex-offenders with a second chance at employment and the potential to get other jobs via the Rescue Foundation to provide training and resources.

However, on the morning of November 6, Andrews announced the abrupt closure of the business via Facebook.

"The cost of doing business has increased faster than our ability to bring in new business," read the post. "Property taxes, new labor laws and the cost of goods increased faster than the market was willing to pay for such increases.”

Andrews said that he may keep Felony Franks catering business going through an on-demand commercial kitchen. He is also reportedly open to selling the restaurant to anyone who can keep his message and his business growing.

"The restaurant business really needs a hands-on owner,” he wrote. "I would consider financing a sale of the business and/or equipment. We have a turnkey situation for someone who wants to hit the ground running. I believe the place could work if an owner was there more than I can be. I'd be open to discussing a range of options."

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To read the lengthy Facebook post in full, click here. Hopefully someone will continue Felony Franks tradition of second chances. Everyone deserves a chance to start over, even these 9 celebrities who have been arrested!