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Cheetos Cookies Exist and They're Actually Amazing

Don’t ask about a Flamin’ Hot version; we’re told that’s never happening

We live in a world with hummus milkshakes, so it doesn’t seem too far-fetched that someone would eventually invent a Cheetos cookie. But don’t wrinkle your nose at the idea — Cheetos and cookies are the perfect mash-up of childhood junk food and comfort. They evoke memories of school-trip lunches, and snack-time trades. Luckily, California bakeshop Cookie Good has absolutely nailed this sweet, semi-salty, totally cheesy and delicious cookie combination.

It’s easy to spot the Cheetos cookies in Cookie Good’s display case, because they glow fluorescent orange. Cookie Good co-owner Ross Canter told The Daily Meal that it’s one of Cookie Good’s most polarizing cookie creations. “When people come in, they see the Cheetos cookie and a lot of them will frown and they’ll scowl,” he said. “That’s the only cookie here that we always offer a taste of, because I think people are really surprised by it,” Canter, who owns the Santa Monica bakeshop with his wife Melanie, told us.

Who wouldn’t be surprised by a cookie the color of a traffic cone that’s meant to taste like a $1 snack? However, Cookie Good’s Cheetos cookie is soft, and buttery sweet like a sugar cookie with just enough of Cheetos flavor and dust to turn your fingers orange. “What is the most satisfying is that we’ll give someone a taste who frowned and scowled and they’ll end up buying one,” Canter told us.

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The idea came to Canter, who jokingly admits that he has the flavor palate of a 6-year-old, one night at home. “I’ve always loved Cheetos, and I love cookies that have sweet and savory and lots of different things going on. One night I was just thinking about: Cheetos… Can you do something? Can that be a cookie?” He told The Daily Meal that he came in to his bakeshop the next day and made it. “It’s closest to our sugar cookie. By design, our sugar cookie is a thicker, chewier, sugar cookie. I wanted the Cheetos to have a bite. We put a lot of Cheetos dust in the cookie, and there’s Cheetos dust outside.”

The Daily Meal

This isn’t the first time Cookie Good has rolled out some fun flavors. Their dessert menu has boasted such items as a pancakes and bacon cookie, a banana cream pie blondie, a Take5 brownie bar, and must-try “cookie corn,” which is popcorn flavored like different kinds of Cookie Good cookies. Canter told The Daily Meal that there are even plans to introduce an Elvis-sandwich inspired cookie, made with peanut butter, bananas, and bacon. “Doing things like that for us is fun, to have the challenge and the idea and how we get creative within it and do something that is more fun than weird,” he said.

“Cookie Good is about a feeling,” he said. “‘It’s how you want to feel’, is our tagline. Our name is not based on Cookie Monster, it’s based on wanting to feel a certain way. It’s the feeling you get when you eat a cookie and you take that bite and it’s that buttery, chocolatey, salty, sweet, all at the same time, and your brain kind of explodes a little bit by being happy. I think that’s the feeling that we want. That’s what we go for in all of our cookies.”

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