A Chat with Tavern Road’s Chef Louis DiBiccari

Boston Chef Louis DiBiccari opens up about celebrating the two-year anniversary of opening Tavern Road in Fort Point

Chef Louis DiBicarri and co-owner Michael DiBicarri of Tavern Road in Boston.

On March 31, Tavern Road, in the growing Fort Point neighborhood, celebrates its two year anniversary. With a hot line up of chefs from Boston, to Maine, to New York, the evening promises to be an epic celebration of the good and honest food chef Louis DiBiccari and his brother and co-owner Michael set out to open in 2013.

In a recent phone interview, chef DiBiccari opened up about some of the challenges and surprises he and his team faced in opening this restaurant as well as what he hopes to come in the future. 

The past two years have flown by but his original concept and the restaurant's evolution have stayed the course. Fort Point is a difficult neighborhood that only just started to develop into something more than an awkward void between Seaport and the financial district. Now, every day seems to bring in more familiar faces that look to Tavern Road as a neighborhood spot.

Being on Congress Street and among the other great names in the local restaurant industry (Barbara Lynch and Garret Harker, among others) is a huge blessing and honor. Although some chefs might shy away from such culinary forces, chef DiBiccari views them as an inspiration, but also an integral part of what makes Boston's food scene so special: its supportive and communal approach within and without. “You could have an awesome food and drink crawl just in this one section of the city—Row 34 for oysters, Blue Dragon for dumplings and a cocktail, Tavern Road for charcuterie and a burger, and then finish off at Drink across the street.”

When asked what he sees coming up next for Tavern Road, he is excited to continue doing what he feels Tavern Road delivers in both the food and service: embodying an approachable but interesting food spot for locals and visitors alike. He has a particular interest in trying out more of a street food centric menu and will be trying out a popup concept during the month of April.

When asked about trends and whether he likes to think of Tavern Road as an instigator of them or inspired by them, he votes for neither. Instead, he simply likes “to think that people see Tavern Road as a neighborhood spot. I don't care about trends, but cook food the way I enjoy it and keep an open eye and ear out for what people enjoy. To me, what people are looking for above all—and what I hope they find at Tavern Road—is a place where friendships between patrons and staff are built, maintained, and enjoyed.”


True words. A special thanks to Chef Louis for taking the time out from the busy bustle of running a kitchen and a huge congratulations to the brothers on two successful years, and many more to come. Tickets to the birthday bash - which you do not want to miss, can be purchased here.