Celebrate National French Fry Day the Houston Way

Here's six local restaurants where you can celebrate this fun foodie holiday

Oh My Gogi

Korean fare meets Mexican at the famed Oh My Gogi food truck.

In my opinion, French fries are a food that should be celebrated every day. But, if you are like me and don’t get to celebrate French fries daily, indulge yourself on National French Fry Day which is coming up on July 13! Hit up any of these local spots to celebrate this fun foodie holiday.

Bernie’s Burger Bus truffle-laced fries are topped with Parmesan cheese, green onion, and of course Italian white truffle oil. There is a reason why The Daily Meal ranked these fries #38 in 2015 for the 50 Best Fries in America! Order these bad boys alone or alongside one of Bernie’s school-themed burgers.

The Oh My Gogi food truck, ranked 61 out of 101 best food trucks in America in 2014 by The Daily Meal, serves up Korean and Mexican fused food with mouth-watering flavor. Quesadillas, sandwiches, and tacos are all featured on the menu, though my favorite item is the OMG! Fries.

The OMG! Fries are your standard-cut potato fries topped with onions, cilantro, colby jack, Korean beef, sriracha, and spicy mayo which gives a fiery kick. You can also substitute the beef for chicken or veggies. Don’t forget to purchase a water… especially if spicy food is not your thing! Find the truck parked on Morningside Drive and check out its Twitter for location times and updates.

My go-to side at Becks Prime are the sweet potato fries. Though they can sometimes be soft (and I am a fan of crunchy fries), when these sweet potatoes are cooked just right they are seriously amazing. When you order your sweet potato fries at Becks ask for a side of honey mustard to dip them in… it’s a heavenly combination! While you are there, snag one of Becks’ famous thick milkshakes… Jamocha is my favorite!

You cannot go wrong with any one of Hubcap Grill’s eight specialty fry options. French Fry concoctions from Hubcap come topped with anything from gravy and bacon to wing sauce and bleu cheese dressing. My all-time favorite specialty fry has to be the Greek Fries which are topped with Hubcap sauce and feta cheese.

Growing up going to New York Bagels, one of Houston’s most classic Jewish Delis, I learned that it’s never too early for fries. NY Bagels serves up some of the best bagels in town and knows how to make breakfast-style potatoes!

Make sure to order the home fries as a side with your next bagel. And don’t forget to make those home fries extra crispy! If you go for breakfast on a weekend, though, know that you should expect to wait for a table.

Though this last restaurant is a chain, you can find many locations around Houston and the fries are too good not to share. Five Guys’ Cajun Fries are a must-order on your next visit. Just the right amount of crispy-ness and cajun seasoning makes for a great side to any Five Guys burger.

So, visit one of these local spots and celebrate National French Fry Day right!

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